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I had another post intended for today, but last night as I was staying up late to watch the Giants clinch the World Series, I ran across a post by one of my favorite food bloggers, Clotilde of Chocolate and Zucchini. Her recipes are wonderful, but what makes this one particularly special to me is how similar her soup philosophy was to my mom’s. Continue reading

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Saffron: a wonder spice

Today, I am including an excerpt from mom’s booklet, A Pocket Full of Posies on some of the many health benefits of saffron. Saffron is expensive, especially when purchased at the grocery store. My mom always bought it by the ounce and it always came in those really cool little tins. If you and a few friends want to go in on one, that would be a much more cost effective way to put saffron into regular rotation in your cooking. I didn’t realize it until I was older, but she would throw it into everything: soups, stews, rice dishes (obviously), even with roasted vegetables and desserts. Continue reading

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Making our tinctures

Have you ever wondered how we make our tinctures? The process is fairly basic and adheres to Traditional Chinese Medical practices regarding cooking a Chinese herbal formula.

The basics of brewing Chinese herbs are simple and techniques vary from place to place. Continue reading

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In the News

I’ve decided to revive our In the News posts, because there have been a few interesting articles catch my attention in the past few weeks.


Milk has been in the news again. My mom was a huge proponent of drinking unpasteurized milk, because the process of pasteurization kills not only the bad bacteria but the good bacteria as well as changes the structure of the fatty acids. Unfortunately, Continue reading

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What We Know About Fats and Oils

The following post is an excerpt from A Pocket Full of Posies, a collection of my mom’s writing and I thought it was particularly relevant these days, considering how much we see in the news about the changing beliefs and the results of scientific studies on how fats and oils affect our bodies. Gone are the days where the majority of American households use margarine as a butter replacement. Americans are slowly becoming more discerning consumers regarding fats and which ones to include in their diet. What you eat or don’t eat affects your health, whether it is your heart, your brain, or even conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, hearing loss, and age-related macular degeneration.

A Pocket Full of Posies can be purchased through our website, or on Amazon.com. Continue reading

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Holistic Pet Care

Many of us, who are conscientious regarding how we treat ourselves and our family, think less about how we are treating our treasured family pets. We think nothing of steroids for a skin condition, low quality food, anti-depressants or sedatives for behavioral problems. Animals are affected by the stresses in our lives just as much as us, and they do not have the ability to speak for themselves or tell us what in their lives is or is not working for them. Continue reading

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40th Anniversary Midwifery Event & Silent Auction in Santa Cruz

This Saturday, October 4, 2014 come help celebrate 40 years of nurse-midwifery in Santa Cruz. Local members of the California Nurse-Midwives Association are organizing a fundraiser and silent auction at the Kuumbwa Jazz Center with live music by local band SambaDa.

This is something close to all of our hearts at Benedictine Healing Products. My mom chose to have all three of us at home, and I have continued the family tradition and had both of my kids at home as well. Having grown up in such a unique and special community such as Santa Cruz, where so much is accepted and supported, it was eye opening to navigate the issues of home birthing in Ohio, where I now live. Come out and support the nurse-midwifery community in Santa Cruz this Saturday and celebrate this amazing group of women!

For an excellent article on nurse-midwifery in Santa Cruz county, read the article that appeared in the Good Times last week.

The doors open at 12:30PM for the silent auction and the festivities start at 1PM.

Tickets are $15 in advance and $20 at the door. For more information, check out the event information on Facebook.

Benedictine Healing Products has donated a fantastic basket of products valued at $250 for the silent auction that focuses on women and children’s issues.

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Preparing for cold & flu season

We have posted a version of this information before, but with autumn here and the exceptionally nasty enterovirus 68 making the news, it is well worth repeating our cold and flu guidelines.

First, it is important to understand the progression of a typical cold or flu. A cold or the flu is an attack on our immune system that can be broken down into three general stages.

Stage One Continue reading

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Product Highlight: Reishi

The reishi mushroom is an herbal adaptogen, meaning it demonstrates a non-specific effect on the body’s ability to resist environmental stressors.  Adaptogens are a group of natural medicines that help our bodies adapt to a wide variety of stressors including environmental, chemical, physical, or emotional. Too much long term stress on the body can wreak havoc on our health and immune system and may lead to a variety of illnesses or health conditions including a weakened immune system, which opens the possibility for a whole wealth of health issues, cardiovascular disease, and fatigue and stamina problems. Continue reading

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As I’m sure most everyone is aware, we are coming up on the anniversary of my mom, Martha Benedict’s death. This past year has certainly not been an easy one for our family: we lost two matriarchal figures just over a week apart and this year has been a journey for each of us to find our new normal. Out of death comes new life and this has proven true for us, as each one of us has embarked on new endeavors. The happiness that we have tastes bittersweet knowing that while my mom was instrumental in creating this change, we can only share it with her from within our hearts.

This approaching anniversary has only reinforced our commitment to continuing my mom’s vision of facilitating health through her herbal tinctures. She championed health and healing and believed that each of us had within the power to improve our lives. Despite the loss of our visionary, our herb business is thriving. There is continued demand for my mom’s formulas and we intend to continue making and selling her herbal formulas in stores and through our website as a way to honor her memory and her legacy to those who loved and continue to love her.

As a small way to honor her and celebrate her accomplishments and vision, we are having a site wide sale through the end of December. Everything on our website is 30% off.

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