Product Highlight: Reishi

The reishi mushroom is an herbal adaptogen, meaning it demonstrates a non-specific effect on the body’s ability to resist environmental stressors.  Adaptogens are a group of natural medicines that help our bodies adapt to a wide variety of stressors including environmental, chemical, physical, or emotional. Too much long term stress on the body can wreak havoc on our health and immune system and may lead to a variety of illnesses or health conditions including a weakened immune system, which opens the possibility for a whole wealth of health issues, cardiovascular disease, and fatigue and stamina problems. Continue reading

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As I’m sure most everyone is aware, we are coming up on the anniversary of my mom, Martha Benedict’s death. This past year has certainly not been an easy one for our family: we lost two matriarchal figures just over a week apart and this year has been a journey for each of us to find our new normal. Out of death comes new life and this has proven true for us, as each one of us has embarked on new endeavors. The happiness that we have tastes bittersweet knowing that while my mom was instrumental in creating this change, we can only share it with her from within our hearts.

This approaching anniversary has only reinforced our commitment to continuing my mom’s vision of facilitating health through her herbal tinctures. She championed health and healing and believed that each of us had within the power to improve our lives. Despite the loss of our visionary, our herb business is thriving. There is continued demand for my mom’s formulas and we intend to continue making and selling her herbal formulas in stores and through our website as a way to honor her memory and her legacy to those who loved and continue to love her.

As a small way to honor her and celebrate her accomplishments and vision, we are having a site wide sale through the end of December. Everything on our website is 30% off.

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Our civic duty

One of the things I enjoy about living in Ohio (once I block out the never ending political ads) is knowing I’m putting my vote to good use. Every vote counts, and no where is it more apparent than in my adopted state. Even with the political ads, and the incessant campaign visits complicating our daily lives, being able to vote is a pleasure and a privilege and this election has incredibly high stakes for all of us. So, please if you haven’t voted by absentee ballot or cast your ballot early, please take some time today to have your say in how you want our democracy to be run. And if you live in California, please consider voting YES on Prop 37.

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Keeping your breasts healthy

Because it is breast cancer awareness month, instead of talking about how to treat cancer once you’ve been diagnosed, we thought we’d talk about ways to keep your breasts healthy. Frequent readers of this blog will no doubt notice that our recommendations by and large remain the same regarding how you can keep yourself healthy.

Before any men think, “breast cancer, that won’t affect me.” You’d be surprised. It might be rare (only 1% of cases are male) but it does happen. I personally have one friend whose husband was diagnosed with breast cancer. It is more common in older men, but weight and lifestyle are most certainly factors. Continue reading

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One of today’s hot button parenting issues is whether or not to breastfeed your baby. In our culture, everyone has an opinion on breastfeeding and it seems to be okay to share it whether you’re a mom or not. There are many factors that contribute to the low breast feeding rates in the United States, maternity leave being a primary contributor but inadequate knowledge and available education in places such as hospitals. Additionally, not having a history of breast feeding in families can be detrimental when a new mother wants to breast feed their baby but might have initial difficulties. If they don’t have strong support early, their breast feeding relationship with their baby may not develop satisfactorily. For example, I know one young girl who is pregnant and wants to breast feed, but because she doesn’t have any women in her family who breast fed and her friends tell her it’s hard and ‘lots’ of women can’t do it, her stint with breast feeding may be over before it starts. She just doesn’t have the support or knowledge base available to her to make decisions while being fully informed. Continue reading

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Making it through perimenopause and menopause gracefully

In our culture, menopause is often considered a four letter word and instead of being discussed openly, many women suffer through the symptoms without much support. Medically, a woman is not considered to be in menopause until they have not had a period for 12 months but the process leading up to that milestone can be significant and can last anywhere from two to ten years starting as early as a woman’s mid-thirties. Continue reading

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The campaign against GMO foods

The fight against GMO crops and food has been on our radar for a while, but has recently heated up significantly with Proposition 37 being added to this November’s ballot in California. Those of us who live outside of California may question whether this directly affects us, the answer to that: it does. That is the reason why corporations from Monsanto to DuPont to Coca Cola as well as many  more have contributed over $25 million dollars to defeat Prop 37 and continue to funnel money toward that cause. They know that if California starts requiring GMO products to be labeled, the rest of country will eventually as well. Continue reading

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Back to school

In my part of the world, most kids are already back to school and in fact we are busy getting ready to send our daughter to preschool for the very first time. Taking care of purchasing the supply list and school clothes are small time issues. The biggest worry on my mind is when she comes home with the first back to school bug that we all know is inevitable. We’ve already had one round of it, when my husband’s football season started early in August. I don’t know why him getting sick every year surprises me, but it does. Perhaps it’s because it’s August and most kids (and teachers) are still reveling in summer, eeking out every last bit of fun or that it’s summer and getting sick in the summer just seems like a cruel joke.

At any rate, I’m gung ho to do everything I can to prevent a serious bout with the back to school bug for Rowan. Continue reading

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Using herbs as food

Most of us try to live a healthy lifestyle: eat a good diet, exercise regularly, and tread lightly on the planet. Even so, sometimes it can be hard to incorporate herbs into our regular routine and keep it up when we don’t have a pressing health issue. I know I have this issue and as the daughter of a health care practitioner I would imagine I might be in the habit of taking herbs more regularly than a lot of people. (You should see my mini-pharmacy!) One way to make this easier is to incorporate herbs into your diet. Continue reading

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A new model for farming

With the surging popularity of local farmers markets, local farms are creating a new business model for success.

New York Times Article

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