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Our founder, Martha Benedict, had an extensive 40 year career as an acupuncturist and herbalist. Her belief that everyone deserved the highest quality health care possible was a driving factor. When the herbal products she wanted were not available, she created her own.

She studied acupuncture, herbology, and the healing arts from various cultures around the world and incorporated aspects of each into her unique herbal formulas. Her herbal tinctures, the quality of which is unsurpassed, aided in her belief that everyone in a quest for health has the capacity to create change in their own lives.

She was an inspiration to the many lives she touched, not only by imparting her life wisdom and herbal knowledge but she encouraged many to make healthful changes to improve their quality of life. She used a holistic approach to health and considered a person's mind, body, and spirit when treating an issue instead of taking a singular approach. She nurtured, but also empowered her patients to take care of themselves. She also preferred what she called the kitchen sink method, pulling from a wide variety of healing philosophies when a method resonated.

As herbal popularity and usage has exploded in the last decade, the need for reliable, high-quality herbal products that have withstood the rigors of clinical practice has increased. Many of our herbs are grown organically in our own biodynamic gardens, and are harvested by hand using time-tested methods.

Our Founder and Formulator was a farmer's daughter who understood gardening and organic farming methods.

The herbal products are made from whole plants that are prepared by infusion, decoction, or extraction in water, alcohol, vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, or other oils appropriate for its application.

We expect that persons using herbs are already taking responsibility for their health and how they feel. As with anything new, we encourage consumers to be respectful of their healing process, and to introduce a new herbal product carefully.

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