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Making your own herbal tinctures

This post is part of our regular series on small ways you can incorporate healthful changes into your daily life.  We’re hoping that this will include everything from small ways to lead a healthier lifestyle to additional ways to incorporate … Continue reading

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Our garden in March

March is such a fun month in the garden because lots of plants realize a new growing season is ahead.  Here are a few highlights: All photos taken by David Klemp.

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Taking your herbs

Let’s face it: most herbal tinctures don’t taste that great and even the ones that are more palatable than others usually are an acquired taste.  Instead of choking them down in a bit of water to dilute them, try adding … Continue reading

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Summer is just around the corner

For me, this seems like this winter that will never end.  In the past couple of days those of us in my part of the country have gotten a taste of spring.  The snow is gone and I’ve noticed my … Continue reading

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The most highly sprayed produce

We have mentioned before the importance of organic food.  But did you know that some foods are worse than others?  According to the Environmental Working Group, the twelve vegetables most heavily sprayed with pesticide are:

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Spring Cleaning

When the weather starts warming up, it isn’t uncommon to go a little mad and experience a rush of Spring fever, to want to clean everything in sight.  For some, that is limited to beating out the rugs and airing … Continue reading

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Addressing your lingering cough

In most areas of the country it is still considered flu season, especially considering the amount of snow and winter weather events that keep occurring.  We have some detailed suggestions on how to handle your cold and flu symptoms here, … Continue reading

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