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Our pets are people too!

Even though our pets are a cherished part of our families, we often don’t consider the quality of the food we feed them.  Even high quality pet food products still must go through a rendering, heating, and drying process and … Continue reading

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Gulf Fritillary

Our garden is on the northern edge of this butterfly’s habitat, so we don’t often see it. Here, it is resting on some eucalyptus but its larvae feeds exclusively on passion flower plants. Photo by David Klemp.

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Our garden in May

All photos taken by David Klemp. “Ches”, short for Cheshire, is one of several feral cats we have on our property.

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The power of water

We all know we need water to survive.  In truth, we need water to not only survive, but stay healthy.  Our bodies are comprised of between 50 percent and 70 percent of water and without it, we would not exist.  … Continue reading

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Including seaweed in your diet

When we think about seaweed, most of us picture smelly piles on a beach after a storm or the wrapping that keeps your sushi together, not a food product with a surprising number of health benefits.  Seaweed is high in … Continue reading

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My thoughts on menopause

By Martha S. Benedict Menopause is a woman’s transition from the responsibility of biology to the freedom of opportunity. It is the emotional passage from physiology to spirituality. Menopause marks the milestone of a woman’s life from the first half … Continue reading

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Our garden in May

All photos property of David Klemp. It is butterfly season in the garden.  This is a photo of a young pipevine swallowtail caterpillar.

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