Backyard beekeeping

Here’s an article from my local newspaper that is near and dear to our hearts here at Benedictine Healing Products.  For those of you who have visited Martha’s garden, you may have noticed that we have a couple of bee hives near our aviary.  Not only is the honey delicious, but bees are a crucial part to the health and productivity of our gardens and farms.  In my neck of the woods, backyard beekeeping has experienced a resurgence in popularity and the ability to ship swarms of bees has made it easier for beekeepers to obtain swarms.

Post office buzzes with bee deliveries each spring

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  1. Last week we had two active hives and an empty hive box. Over the weekend, we noticed a swarm forming around the boxes, and while expecting to don the bunny suit to catch the new swarm for the empty box, we noticed that this swarm had come from somewhere else and was moving into the empty box. Amazing!

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