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Natural dog food

Recently, we have gotten a few questions about the dog food that my mom and dad fed their dog Zoe. She had a sensitive stomach and even the highest end dog food brands were not gentile on her digestion. The … Continue reading

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The Flavor Bible

I’ve mentioned before that one of the projects my mom worked on off and on was a cookbook. Her idea was to create a book that was less individual recipes and more a way to put together building blocks of … Continue reading

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How cinnamon can help keep us healthy

Cinnamon is ubiquitous in any pantry, being a staple spice in baking. I use it in many of my mid-winter treats because its spicy taste warms from the inside. It is versatile and can be used in sweet and savory … Continue reading

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In the news

Here are a few articles that have caught my eye recently: What’s Tylenol Doing to Our Minds I try to be judicious about my use of over the counter medicines, including ones like Tylenol and Advil. Because of it’s pervasive … Continue reading

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Using herbs to keep your New Year’s resolutions

Happy New Year! As we get back into the swing of our normal daily life now that the holidays are past, I wanted to discuss a favorite New Year topic, resolutions. For so many of us our New Year resolutions … Continue reading

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