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Happy Birthday to Dr. Seuss! In honor of the man himself, today is National Read Across America Day and my daughter was beside herself with excitement because her kindergarten class had some very special activities planned. She got to bring a drink and snack, her favorite book and a stuffed animal to school, but she was most excited to be able to go dressed in her pajamas.


In less positive news and yet another reason to limit refined or processed foods in our diet, it seems that the emulsifiers in many foods may be affecting our health and well being. Also, that article that went viral about school lunches around the world? Misleading at best. Although it is still a good reminder to eat a varied (and colorful) diet, both at home and when away.


This is an article that I’ve been thinking about since I first read it. I hope that everyone thinks about how they want to live (and die). While it wasn’t easy to have less time than I wanted with my mom, I understand her need to make the choices she did. She died with as much dignity as her cancer offered, by choosing not to fight hopelessly. Short of the Death with Dignity Movement becoming more widespread, it behooves all of us to think about the unthinkable and make difficult decisions while we are able. Involve your family and discuss your reasoning behind your choices so everyone understands what your wishes are if necessary.


Did you know that ancient languages didn’t have a word for blue?


Turn that technology off! Or at least get it away from the bed.

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