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New Immune Support Video 6/28/20

Benedictine Education Specialist, Samaya Cullerton L.Ac. educates our viewers about some of our specialized immune supporting formulas. Check out this short video on our immune supportive products in the time of Covid-19. Washing hands, wearing a mask when social distancing … Continue reading

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Practitioner Pop-Up Sale!

Benedictine Healing Products is throwing an exclusive Practitioner Sale! Sunday, June 23rd 10 AM – 3 PM Oriental Medical Center, 200 7th Ave, Suite 135, Santa Cruz CA 95060 We’ll be streamlining some of our inventory, offering deep discounts on … Continue reading

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Seasonal Allergies and Adaptogens

by Samaya Cullerton, LAc California has had plenty of rain and snow this year. Most of our beautiful state has been pulled out of the long standing drought. All the moisture is creating super blooms of buds and blossoms. While … Continue reading

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Chocolate: A Valentine’s Day Treat

By Martha S Benedict Martha loved chocolate, and actively promoted it’s health benefits. This blog entry is a snippet of her writing on the topic. For more of her writings, see A Pocket Full of Posies. Enjoy! Chocolate beans come from the … Continue reading

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The Autumn Blog

by Samaya Cullerton, LAc Greeting Readers, As the autumn season rolls in, we at Benedictine Healing Products are very busy producing and educating people on our cold and flu product line. As an Education Specialist, it is often my job … Continue reading

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The Seasonal Change: Digestion Help to Stay Healthy

This article is written by Samaya Cullerton, MTCM, LAc, Herbalist, Acupuncturist, and Education Specialist with Benedictine Healing Products. In traditional Asian medicine, late summer is a season of its own. As the fifth season it corresponds to the Earth element. … Continue reading

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Our Garden’s Summer Oils

Summer is in full swing, and we have been enjoying the bounty! As an herbalist, I am busy in my garden and kitchen, harvesting, nurturing, and creating. In Chinese medicine, one of our ancient texts, the Nei Jing says this … Continue reading

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Helpful Hints to Make It Through Menopause and Perimenopause

In our culture, menopause is often considered a four letter word and instead of being discussed openly, many women suffer through the symptoms without much support. Medically, a woman is not considered to be in menopause until they have not … Continue reading

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Get Ready for the Winter

Autumn is a breathtaking time of year to enjoy the natural world. As the season changes from warm to cool to cold, and the business of our modern world keeps charging forward at an ever-steady pace, we must remember to … Continue reading

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