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I wanted to get back to our common herb posts. Each time I write one of these, I am amazed all over again at how many benefits the common herbs we find in our gardens have. This truly is a … Continue reading

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Turmeric is a distinctive spice, both in color and flavor.  Like many other spices, it has had a multitude of uses in folk and alternative medicines throughout history however modern medicine has done little research to corroborate ancient theory. It … Continue reading

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Herbs to grow, part 2

We are continuing our series on the health benefits of herbs to grow in your garden. **** Rosemary Historically, rosemary has been used for a variety of complaints including alleviating muscle pain, improving memory, boosting the immune and circulatory system, … Continue reading

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In the News

Happy Birthday to Dr. Seuss! In honor of the man himself, today is National Read Across America Day and my daughter was beside herself with excitement because her kindergarten class had some very special activities planned. She got to bring … Continue reading

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A dog’s nose knows

My mom has been talking about the sensitivity of a dog’s sense of smell and their ability to smell out cancer for a number of years.  She has gone as far as looking for local people who would be able … Continue reading

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