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Special Kit for Back to School

We start school early in my part of the country, and my daughter is already in to her second week of school. It’s been a rough transition this year, with a longer school day and more expectations in second grade. … Continue reading

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Making time for exercise

I know there are people out there that take pleasure in the act of exercising, but I’m not one of them. I like the results, I feel better after I’m done, but when I exercise with no other reason than … Continue reading

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Using herbs to keep your New Year’s resolutions

Happy New Year! As we get back into the swing of our normal daily life now that the holidays are past, I wanted to discuss a favorite New Year topic, resolutions. For so many of us our New Year resolutions … Continue reading

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Keeping your breasts healthy

Because it is breast cancer awareness month, instead of talking about how to treat cancer once you’ve been diagnosed, we thought we’d talk about ways to keep your breasts healthy. Frequent readers of this blog will no doubt notice that … Continue reading

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Looking for a little extra ooomph?

Many of us wake up daily feeling foggy, groggy, or like we cannot seem to clear our head enough to start the day with out a kick in the pants from some caffeine.  In fact, in our go-go-go society doesn’t … Continue reading

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Stretching and Flexibility – it’s not just physical

We’ve all heard it before, exercise is good for us.  If you’re like me and you’re not a crazy exercise nut, but are still concerned with staying healthy consider adding regular stretching into your daily routine.  There may be some … Continue reading

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My thoughts on menopause

By Martha S. Benedict Menopause is a woman’s transition from the responsibility of biology to the freedom of opportunity. It is the emotional passage from physiology to spirituality. Menopause marks the milestone of a woman’s life from the first half … Continue reading

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News round up from around the Web

The following are a collection of articles from around the Internet that we found timely or interesting.  What are you reading today? Are your children drinking enough water? We worry all the time about what kind of food our kids … Continue reading

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Want to improve your memory? Walk regularly.

A recent study suggests that walking may help improve memory impairment in older adults.  By taking a brisk walk where you get your heart rate up for 40 minutes three times a week, participants in the study performed better on … Continue reading

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Summer is just around the corner

For me, this seems like this winter that will never end.  In the past couple of days those of us in my part of the country have gotten a taste of spring.  The snow is gone and I’ve noticed my … Continue reading

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