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Getting ready for going back to school

Summer has screamed by once again and my daughter is all set to start first grade tomorrow. We met her teacher yesterday, dropped her school supplies off, and did a final round of school lunch supply shopping. We start early … Continue reading

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Herbs to grow, part 2

We are continuing our series on the health benefits of herbs to grow in your garden. **** Rosemary Historically, rosemary has been used for a variety of complaints including alleviating muscle pain, improving memory, boosting the immune and circulatory system, … Continue reading

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Using herbs to keep your New Year’s resolutions

Happy New Year! As we get back into the swing of our normal daily life now that the holidays are past, I wanted to discuss a favorite New Year topic, resolutions. For so many of us our New Year resolutions … Continue reading

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One of today’s hot button parenting issues is whether or not to breastfeed your baby. In our culture, everyone has an opinion on breastfeeding and it seems to be okay to share it whether you’re a mom or not. There … Continue reading

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The campaign against GMO foods

The fight against GMO crops and food has been on our radar for a while, but has recently heated up significantly with Proposition 37 being added to this November’s ballot in California. Those of us who live outside of California … Continue reading

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Looking for a little extra ooomph?

Many of us wake up daily feeling foggy, groggy, or like we cannot seem to clear our head enough to start the day with out a kick in the pants from some caffeine.  In fact, in our go-go-go society doesn’t … Continue reading

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In the news

Having just had our second child, I seem to have babies on the brain.  We had our second successful home birth and could not be more happy with our experience, in both instances.  This time around, labor took me by … Continue reading

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In the news

For those of us in Ohio, we received some good labeling news recently.  The Ohio Department of Agriculture agreed to withdraw a dairy labeling rule that prohibited milk from being labeled as produced without the use of the artificial growth … Continue reading

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In the news

Here is a round up of a few articles in the past couple weeks that caught our eye and you may have missed. SlowFood U.S.A. is voicing their support for small, organic farmers against Monsanto, who has a history of … Continue reading

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In the news

Here’s a round up of issues that you may have missed thanks to the debt ceiling drama of the recent weeks. Food in the news Organic Consumers Association’s Millions Against Monsanto is organizing a World Food Day campaign to demand … Continue reading

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