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Keeping your breasts healthy

Because it is breast cancer awareness month, instead of talking about how to treat cancer once you’ve been diagnosed, we thought we’d talk about ways to keep your breasts healthy. Frequent readers of this blog will no doubt notice that … Continue reading

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The campaign against GMO foods

The fight against GMO crops and food has been on our radar for a while, but has recently heated up significantly with Proposition 37 being added to this November’s ballot in California. Those of us who live outside of California … Continue reading

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News roundup

It’s been a while since we linked to some of the news articles that have caught our attention.  Here are a few that we’ve read that you may have missed.

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From around the web

It’s time for another collection of articles from around the web that I’ve found interesting, so let’s dive right in: The USDA has extended the public comment period on whether to approve a genetically modified corn that includes one of … Continue reading

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In the news

Here’s a round up of issues that you may have missed thanks to the debt ceiling drama of the recent weeks. Food in the news Organic Consumers Association’s Millions Against Monsanto is organizing a World Food Day campaign to demand … Continue reading

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Support Organic Food Sources

Recently, the USDA has quietly made a couple changes to the regulations regarding certain genetically modified crops, specifically GM sugar beets and GM alfalfa.  This poses a very serious problem for organic farmers because of the issues surrounding cross pollination.  … Continue reading

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