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Our favorite oils

Melissa Pereira Gelin, our Educational Specialist, has a new video post about some of our favorite topical oils. She discusses the benefits and uses of Lymph Oil, Rose Geranium Oil, and the perennial favorite Yoni Oil.

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Immune products

I wanted to share a video that Melissa, one of our Educational Specialists did talking about our immune  and cold & flu products and how and when to use them. She covers some of the formulas in our children’s line, … Continue reading

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A message from the Camino

Many of you may know that our wonderful co-worker Sue is currently on pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago and has been since early September. For anyone following her instagram feed @suegeorge322, you will be familiar with the beauty of … Continue reading

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Making your own tinctures

Making your own simple tinctures is easy and relatively straightforward. It is a way to concentrate the healing properties of the herbs in question and make the finished product shelf stable. Alcoholic tinctures will last years if stored properly and … Continue reading

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Herbs to grow for our health, part one

We all know that fresh herbs are where it’s at when cooking, but aside from being superior flavor-wise, our common cooking herbs have a surprising number of health benefits when regularly included in our diets. All of the following are … Continue reading

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Saffron: a wonder spice

Historically, saffron has been used for afflictions of everything from cardiovascular problems to black plague, improving appetite and digestion of fats, relieving rheumatoid arthritis, and inhibiting helicobacter pylori infections involved in stomach ulcers. Continue reading

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Making our tinctures

Have you ever wondered how we make our tinctures? The process is fairly basic and adheres to Traditional Chinese Medical practices regarding cooking a Chinese herbal formula. The basics of brewing Chinese herbs are simple and techniques vary from place … Continue reading

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Looking for a little extra ooomph?

Many of us wake up daily feeling foggy, groggy, or like we cannot seem to clear our head enough to start the day with out a kick in the pants from some caffeine.  In fact, in our go-go-go society doesn’t … Continue reading

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Stretching and Flexibility – it’s not just physical

We’ve all heard it before, exercise is good for us.  If you’re like me and you’re not a crazy exercise nut, but are still concerned with staying healthy consider adding regular stretching into your daily routine.  There may be some … Continue reading

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Everyone knows you should exercise

This is an excerpt from the book, A Pocket Full of Posies, a collection of articles written by Martha Benedict. Everyone knows you should exercise, but did you know the enormous body of research substantiating the health claims for exercising?  … Continue reading

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