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In the News

I’ve found a bunch of articles lately that have caught my interest, so here are a few more that I thought I’d pass along. My mom was a huge proponent in having a happy gut, not just for weight loss, … Continue reading

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In the News

I’ve decided to revive our In the News posts, because there have been a few interesting articles catch my attention in the past few weeks. **** Milk has been in the news again. My mom was a huge proponent of … Continue reading

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My thoughts on menopause

By Martha S. Benedict Menopause is a woman’s transition from the responsibility of biology to the freedom of opportunity. It is the emotional passage from physiology to spirituality. Menopause marks the milestone of a woman’s life from the first half … Continue reading

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Getting Healthy: Resolutions for the New Year

The New Year carries symbolic meaning of new beginnings and fresh starts for many of us.  While different cultures celebrate a new year at different times, in each one it is a time for celebration and customs to ensure good … Continue reading

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