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Salad dressings are easy!

For most of us, when we want to eat healthier, automatically add large salads as an easy way to include a variety of vegetables in our diet. This is an admirable task, especially when one goes beyond including salad basics, … Continue reading

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A soup template

My mom loved soup. Of all the recipes she collected over the years, the lion’s share of them were soups and stews. Continue reading

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Incorporating veggies into your diet

I’ve mentioned before that my daughter is a typical two year-old and thus getting her to try new foods can be challenging from time to time.  Her favorite saying regarding food these days is, “Maybe I do like this!”  My … Continue reading

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Summer grilling

Around here, our air conditioner seems like it has been running 24/7 and we’re close to record high temps for the month of July.  As such, it’s too hot to cook inside (and many days it feels to hot to … Continue reading

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Our pets are people too!

Even though our pets are a cherished part of our families, we often don’t consider the quality of the food we feed them.  Even high quality pet food products still must go through a rendering, heating, and drying process and … Continue reading

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Eating habits of the toddler

A reoccurring topic of discussion among my friends with young children is how to make sure their young children eat a variety of well balanced meals.  I think at one time or another, each of us has complained about food … Continue reading

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The most highly sprayed produce

We have mentioned before the importance of organic food.  But did you know that some foods are worse than others?  According to the Environmental Working Group, the twelve vegetables most heavily sprayed with pesticide are:

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Herbs for Back to School

“Creativity, enthusiasm, variety, and kid participation in the decision-making and preparation process will pay off.”

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