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Herbal Medicine - by Rudolf Weiss, M.D - Purchase!

    An excellent herb book for the clinical practitioner, more advanced student or very motivated consumer of herbs. It is out of print, but try the Amazon out-of-print search service.
The Complete Medicinal Herbal by Penelope Ody - Purchase!

    A beautifully illustrated WHAT IS and HOW TO book on European herbology. The abundant use of photographs and drawings makes for easy assimilation of how to work with herbs in your own home.
Chinese Herbal Medicine : Formulas and Strategies (Tr. from Chinese/With Resource Guide to Prepared Medicines Supplement to Chinese Herbal Medicine) compiled and translated by Dan Bensky& Randall Barolet - Purchase!

    Translations of Chinese formulas with the herbal strategy explained selected from many of the major Chinese texts on the subject. Probably the best distillation on Chinese formulas translated to date.

Medical Botany: Plants Affecting Man's Health by Walter H. Lewis & Memory P.F. Elvin-Lewis - Purchase!

    The biology and microbiology of medicinal plants. Discusses the ways in which a man's health is affected by plants. Categorizes plants into injurious, remedial, and psychoactive. Includes plants from seaweeds to flowering plants in addition to the bacteria and fungi. Covers plants affecting areas from cancer, oral hygiene, respiratory system and panaceas to those acting as stimulants, hallucinogens and depressants.
Green Pharmacy by Barbara Griggs - Purchase!

    A compelling history of Western Herbal Medicine! It makes you want to jump into the fray and root for the GOOD guys! It is out of print, but try the Amazon out-of-print search service.
Heinerman's Encyclopedia of Fruits, Vegetables and Herbs by John Heinerman - Purchase!

    This book is one of my favorites. It uses food as medicine.
The Way of Herbs: Fully Updated With the Latest Developments in Herbal Science by Michael Tierra - Purchase!

    A good basic introductory book on medicinal herbs.

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