Lymph Oil - 2 oz.

Lymph Oil - 2 oz.

Circulates the Lymph*

This oil which is made with fresh poke root is invaluable whenever there is need to motivate lymph drainage and circulation. It can be rubbed on the neck and behind the ears of children who are prone to ear aches as part of a successful prevention program. Additionally, it can be used for pelvic infections, cysts, and lumps. Use it on patients who collect lymph fluid at the ankles and knees from cardiopulmonary concerns or arthritis.


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Poke root (Phytolacca americana root, fresh)
Galangal (Alpinia officinarum, GAO LIANG JIAN)
Pinellia (Pinellia ternata, BAN XIA)
Self heal (Prunella vulgaris spike, XIA KU CAO)
Figwort (Scrophularia ningpoensis root, XUAN SHEN)
Echinacea (Echinacea (angustifolia, E. purpura root)
Fo-ti (Polygonum multiflora root, FOTI)
Ginger (Zingiberis officinale rhizome dried, GAN JIANG)
Oyster shell (Ostrea gigas, MU LI)
Fritillary (Fritillariae Thunbergii Bulbus, ZHE BEI MU)
Cleavers (Galium aparine herb)
Licorice (Glycyrrhiza uralensis root, GAN CAO)
Vitamins E&A
Extra virgin olive oil

External Use Only. Rub into affected area as necessary. Do not use if pregnant, nursing, or seal is broken. If taking prescription drugs, inform health practitioner before use. Keep from children. Store in cool dark place.



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