Dan Shen - 2 oz.

Dan Shen - 2 oz.

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Dan Shen is the most important and comprehensive Chinese herb used to treat cardiovascular issues. It invigorates the circulation of blood, removes blood stasis, disperses pathogenic heat attacking the heart, and reduces palpitations, irritability, and insomnia caused by the disturbance of the heart energy in Chinese medicine. Other symptoms treatable by Dan Shen are angina, coronary heart diseases, myocardial infarct, high blood pressure, and irregularities in heart rate. In clinical studies Dan Shen has also been demonstrated to be effective for dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, ulcers, and to lower blood sugar.

"I use this in my practice ten times more frequently than other more notorious Chinese herbs such as ginseng or dong quai. It addresses the second leading cause of death in the United States: cardiovascular disease." -Martha


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Salvia miltiorrhiza in organic alcohol-water extract.

Shake before using. Sediment does not alter quality. DOSE: 2-8 droppers or 1/4 - 1 tsp 2x-3x per day in warm water. Do not use if taking anticoagulants, pregnant, nursing, or seal is broken. If taking prescription drugs, inform health practitioner before use. Keep from children. Store in cool dark place.



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