LoveMyPet: Stress Relief - 2 oz.

LoveMyPet: Stress Relief - 2 oz.

Stress Relief for your Pets

Provides a calming effect for the pet that is not a good traveler and is upset easily in unfamiliar conditions.

"Once a month I need to transport my kitties from one of our homes to another a couple of hours away by car. It has never been fun. They do not like it and register their opinion in a variety of unpleasant ways. I tried giving them STRESS RELIEF before putting them in the car. What a difference! We all arrive in much better shape. Maybe I should try some myself." Karina, Santa Cruz, CA.

"I also used the STRESS RELIEF formula for Hero. We had been on vacation for two weeks and when we returned, hero had licked her fur off in several places. The STRESS RELIEF relaxed her quite a bit and within a week of use, she stopped licking her fur off." A. Newcomer, Santa Cruz.


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Organic skullcap, passion flower, oatstraw; schizandra and proprietary homeopathics in water, vegetable glycerine, and 2% organic alcohol. Shake before using. Sediment does not alter quality.


Doseage: one to two times per day -
  • 10-20lb - 2 - 4 drops
  • 20-50lb - 4 - 10 drops
  • 50-80lb - 6 - 12 drops
  • 80+lb - 8 - 16 drops
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