LoveMyPet: Kidney-Bladder Relief - 2 oz.

LoveMyPet: Kidney-Bladder Relief - 2 oz.

Kidney-Bladder Relief for your Pets*

Tonifying and strengthening the areas of the bladder and UT. For relief and support of frequent urination associated with excitement, physical exertion, urinary tract infections and aging issues. This is our #1 best-selling formula for your beloved pet.

"I had to take my St. Bernard to the vet to be catherized every month until I started him on KIDNEY-BLADDER RELIEF. I remember the first time I gave it to hm. He drank some water afterwards and about ten minutes later he was insistent about going out. I did not know what was going on, but I took him outside since he was acting so strangely, As soon as he was clear of the house he lifted his leg and relieved himself with an odd look of chagrin and pleasure at the same time." Ralph, San Francisco, CA.


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Organic horsetail, cleavers, yarrow, dandelion, goldenrod, marshmallow; Oregon grape, buchu, urva ursi, and proprietary homeopathics in water, vegetable glycerine and 2% organic alcohol.


Doseage: one to two times per day -
10-20lb - 2 -4 drops
20-50lb - 4 - 10 drops
50-80lb - 6 - 12 drops
80+lb - 8 - 16 drops


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