LoveMyPet: Skin Comfort - 2 oz.

LoveMyPet: Skin Comfort - 2 oz.

Skin Comfort for your Pets*

A well-formulated option for pets with sensitive skin or hair conditions. This extraordinary product helps relieve skin irritations, itching, scratching, excess licking, hot spots, eczema, and allergic skin conditions. Animals that are under-exercised may have increased skin issues. There are some dog breeds that characteristically have skin problems and this formula is a must-have to support their comfort levels naturally. 

"I used SKIN COMFORT for for our little rescue cat, 'Hero'. She had red skin at the base of her tail, with scabs under thin fur. SKIN COMFORT took the redness with in two days and the scabs cleared up with in two weeks." A. Newcomer, Santa Cruz, CA

"A big white tomcat with lots of skin inflammation and oozing eyes and ears adopted us. SKIN COMFORT relieved most of the symptoms." Roy, Santa Cruz, CA


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Organic aloe, burdock, calendula, cleavers, dandelion, celandine, yarrow, marshmallow and proprietary homeopathics in water, vegetable glycerine, and 2% organic alcohol.


Doseage: one to two times per day:
10-20lb - 2 - 4 drops
20-50lb - 4 - 10 drops
50-80lb - 6 - 12 drops
80+lb - 8 - 16 drops


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