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4oz. only $31.66

This formula addresses one of the most predominant concerns of many busy people: the inability to focus on what is important and have enough “get up and go” to get the job done without having to push into... > More

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No Burp

2oz. only $21.25

This is the Chinese Shu Gan Wan formula in liquid form. It helps promote good digestion for those patients who want immediate action and cannot swallow pills. Take one to two eye droppers and hold under the... > More

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Heart Health Hi

4oz. only $32.93

The Heart Health Hi formula of twenty-two herbs drawn from the Chinese and European and American traditions has been useful in a total program to assist patients with high blood pressure. I do recommend... > More

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Gum Protector +

1 oz. only $20.41

I’ve been recommending this formula for gum health more than twenty years. I first made it for a 37 year old male, Bill, who came to the office and mentioned casually he was to have his teeth pulled due to chronic... > More

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High Blood Sugar Balance

4oz. only $35.82

High Blood Sugar Balance is very useful in cases of early diabetes to assist a person in normalizing blood sugar in a ... > More

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Offers an abundant array of proprietary blends of organic herbal formulas for people and pets for conditions resulting from today's stressful lifestyles. Martha is committed to bringing superior quality herbal preparations and herbal products from her garden to you. Over fifty percent of the herbs used by Benedictine Healing Products are grown in Martha's exotic, organic garden in Northern California. By capturing the essence and spirit of the herbs in tinctures and oils, Martha fulfills her mission to promote beauty, health and longevity.

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