As I’m sure most everyone is aware, we are coming up on the anniversary of my mom, Martha Benedict’s death. This past year has certainly not been an easy one for our family: we lost two matriarchal figures just over a week apart and this year has been a journey for each of us to find our new normal. Out of death comes new life and this has proven true for us, as each one of us has embarked on new endeavors. The happiness that we have tastes bittersweet knowing that while my mom was instrumental in creating this change, we can only share it with her from within our hearts.

This approaching anniversary has only reinforced our commitment to continuing my mom’s vision of facilitating health through her herbal tinctures. She championed health and healing and believed that each of us had within the power to improve our lives. Despite the loss of our visionary, our herb business is thriving. There is continued demand for my mom’s formulas and we intend to continue making and selling her herbal formulas in stores and through our website as a way to honor her memory and her legacy to those who loved and continue to love her.

As a small way to honor her and celebrate her accomplishments and vision, we are having a site wide sale through the end of December. Everything on our website is 30% off.

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