Our Team

The Face of Benedictine Herbs

Today our team consists of wise women herbalists, acupuncturists, mothers, and skilled medicine makers. We are deeply honored and grateful to continue Martha's legacy of ancient wisdom by sharing her specialized and unique herbal formulas with you. Through this constantly evolving world, we embrace a newfound passion for educating our communities and beloved customers to embody holistic wellness, and to trust herbal medicine as a powerful practice of self-love, self-care, and connection to Nature. Our goal is to support you on your journey of health and well-being!

A small but mighty team of dedicated and loving healers

David Klemp, co-founder of Benedictine Herbs, worked passionately alongside his wife Martha Benedict. This powerful duo developed a unique vision to support and empower people to recognize their own ability to heal with the support of herbal remedies. In 1996, he and Martha created Benedictine Healing Products LLC, and the rest is history. Since then, David and members of the Benedict family have been the foundational support line for all things related to company manufacturing, best practices, customer service, and distribution.

Sue George joined Benedictine in 2013, and as David’s counterpart, helped bring emphasis on customer care and community related outreach and educational programs. Her passion for the healing arts has connected her with a wide-spectrum of extraordinary healers and healing modalities over the past few decades.

Melissa Pereira, L.Ac. and Samaya Cullerton, L.Ac. are the Benedictine Education Specialists who support our education programs, and their mission is to bring awareness about the various formulas into the limelight. Both Melissa and Samaya are available to assist Practitioners with questions related to specific health concerns with an emphasis on TCM. We are grateful to have their expertise and deep wisdom, ensuring that Practitioners can be awarded the best methods for disbursing and prescribing Benedictine formulas to their clients and patients. To learn more about our Education Programs, please contact sue@benedictineherbs.com or call 831-429-9221.

Behind the Scenes: Beyond our main team members, we also want to shine light on the many long-time customers, community advocates, and friends of Benedictine Herbs. We consider them a part of our growing family! We send them all our love and gratitude for their unwavering support, and willingness to grow and evolve with us.