Our Approach

It All Started

In A Garden

Martha Benedict, L.Ac., ND, our founder, began cooking herbs for her patients and family. As herbal popularity exploded, it was an opportunity for Martha to award her clients’ with her specialized formulations.

She incorporated various traditions of herbalism, including Western, Ayurvedic and Chinese. The ancient time-tested method of extracting medicinal components of herbs was the foundation of Martha’s process.

Since then, our process remains authentic to her high-quality, small-batch extraction processes.

With a deep foundation in Traditional Chinese Medicine, we offer an array of formulas with uniquely harmonizing elements. Adapted to modern life, our formulas are complex. They are designed to balance energy while providing nourishment for health. 

Applying the ancient time-tested process of decoction and infusion, along with the highest-quality herb sources, each batch is made with love. Once decocted, our formulas are further extracted in an organic gluten-free alcohol before the double-pressing and filtration process begins.

Our Process

Our Sources

Although some of our organic and wildcrafted herbs are harvested in local gardens, we are proud supporters of reputable herb distributors for which we feel provide the utmost quality and testing. Most of our Asian medicinal herbs are sourced through Springwind Herbs.

In conjunction with Springwind, we are members of the Lilium Initiative, a collaborative non-profit effort to develop sustainable farming practices for high quality Asian medicinal herbs in North America.

All of the Western herbs we source are certified organic, locally grown, or ethically wildcrafted. Our two main distributors for organic western herbs are Mountain Rose Herbs and Starwest Botanicals.