Back To School

In my part of the world, most kids are already back to school and in fact we are busy getting ready to send our daughter to preschool for the very first time. Taking care of purchasing the supply list and school clothes are small time issues. The biggest worry on my mind is when she comes home with the first back to school bug that we all know is inevitable. We’ve already had one round of it, when my husband’s football season started early in August. I don’t know why him getting sick every year surprises me, but it does. Perhaps it’s because it’s August and most kids (and teachers) are still reveling in summer, eeking out every last bit of fun or that it’s summer and getting sick in the summer just seems like a cruel joke.

At any rate, I’m gung ho to do everything I can to prevent a serious bout with the back to school bug for Rowan.We have incorporated in our bedtime routine a part when she takes her “Mimi Medicine”. She calls my mom Mimi, therefore the tinctures that my mom makes are known as Mimi Medicine in our house. What I give her depends on what I think she might need. I usually reach for Minerals for Kids or Tummy Ease. Lately I’ve been mixing a bit of Xiao Yao Plus in with some of the others of the kids line. This week I’ve been reaching for my immune building tinctures, especially Immune Help for Kids. I’ll continue with this until she starts after Labor Day, then keep a close eye on her and switch to Sniffles for Kids if I see any sign of the dreaded back-to-school bug.

It is also helpful to start the whole family on a little prevention routine, because what comes home so often gets passed around. Thankfully the baby was left out of that when my husband brought home summer bug #1, but the rest of us weren’t so lucky.

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