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We’ve had an eventful spring here at BHP. Now that my dad and I are working together to produce the herb formulas, we’ve been discussing what we want to do for our fresh herb sources. When he moved to Ohio, one of the requirements for the place he chose was adequate space for a garden. We did some planning over the winter and now that the growing season has commenced we are getting our infrastructure in place. I’ve been documenting the process and we finally have enough complete to warrant a blog post!

The patio needed to be replaced.

There were a couple old raised beds in the yard that needed to be replaced and upgraded so we ripped those out. You can almost see the three decrepit beds by the back fence in the above photo.

Once the old beds were gone, the ground needed to be roto-tilled in preparation for eight new beds.

Last week, the fruit trees my dad ordered arrived, so he had fifteen trees planted for his own mini-orchard comprised of blenheim apricots, bing and rainier cherries, and elberta peaches.

The kids were a little sad to lose their large softball playing space, but I’m sure there will be many new and innovative games played around the fruit trees.

Next week our new herb seedlings arrive and hopefully get put in the ground which means we will have a crop of fresh herbs for our oils in September. I do miss the length of the growing season in California, but the plants here make up for it by growing like mad between now and July.

The other big project that is planned is getting some beehives established. My dad is planning on picking up four swarms in early to mid-May and is planning on driving to Wilkes-Barre, PA, a seven hour drive to do so.

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