Building Your Immunity

In the wake of post-holiday stress and over-indulgence, it seems like a lot of people get sick. Whether it is because we’re in the midst of winter and in many places January and February are bitter cold or people are exhausted from the bustle of the holiday season, the reason doesn’t matter when you’re sick. As a result, everyone wants a magic bullet to prevent their getting sick and enhance their immune system. According to ancient Chinese medicinal theory, immunity is a protective Yang energy of the body. Herbs like ginseng, reishi, eleutherococcus, or cordyceps all help build immunity. Herbs that enjoy this reputation do so because they enhance the body’s ability to perform its functions in a more optimal way.

Every cell, organ, and system, when functioning at an optimal level and in harmony with its environment, optimizes immunity. It is necessary to understand how an individual maintains and supports life force (chi) to put this into perspective.

The stomach contributes to immunity by producing sufficient gastric secretions in order to completely digest its contents as well as destroy most pathogens reaching the stomach. The lungs enhance immunity when filled and refilled with deep breaths of fresh clean air. The large intestine contributes to immunity by eliminating food waste once or twice a day. The kidneys and the liver filter the blood, removing waste. The gall bladder stores bile and dumps it in response to food consumed. It alkalinizes the gut, destroys more pathogens, and stimulates peristalsis that in turn increases bowel elimination. The heart in Chinese theory not only pumps blood, but also controls metabolism, intelligence and integrity, all of which help the individual to make healthy decisions.

The body is a delicate instrument and when its balance is upset, immunity can be compromised. Each person who is looking to reinforce immunity needs to re-examine their lifestyle choices and honestly assess the ones that are not supporting their most optimum experience of health, wealth, and happiness. This may include dietary changes, increasing exercise, reducing stress, or picking up a hobby. Some of the specific herbs you may wish to include in your daily or weekly pattern include: reishi, cordyceps, and other mushrooms, eleutherococcus, astragalus, ashwaganda, foti, nettles, cat’s claw, ginkgo, and rhodiola rosea. Some Benedictine Healing Product formulas that blend multiple immune supportive herbs that are worth checking out are: Immune Plus, Mega Ginseng Plus, Herbal Mineral Tonic, Holiday Bitters, No Burp, Gum Protect, and Tummy Ease.

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