Buy One, Get One Sale

We are having a buy one, get one sale on select products as a way to work through excess inventory because we overestimated sales on these products. Our mistake is good for you! Until further notice, the following list of products is on sale. In order to see the savings, you need to buy two of the same product and once you add them to your shopping cart, the price will be automatically adjusted. If you have any issues, get in touch with us either via email, or on our Facebook page to let us know.

Some of my favorite products are on this list! If you are a new mom, or know one, I would not have been able to get through the early days with Rowan without Mother’s Milk Tincture or Yew. I love No Burp, and I keep a stock of Hayfever Allergies and Reishi on hand as well.

The featured photo is of poke root in bloom, the herb from which we make our phytolacca tincture. It isn’t on sale, I just thought the picture was pretty, and representative of what is blooming in the garden this season.

Aletris (2 oz)
Astragalus (2 oz)
Bilberry (2 oz)
Black Cohosh (2 oz)
Blessed Thistle (2 & 4 oz)
Butternut Bark (2 oz)
Calendula Tincture (2 oz)
California Poppy (2 oz)
Cat’s Claw (2 & 4 oz)
Constipation Relief for Adults (2 oz)
Constipation Relief for Kids (1 oz)
Dandelion (2 oz)
Dan Shen (2 oz)
Diarrhea Relief for Adults (2 oz)
Echinacea (2 oz)
Echinacea for Kids (1 oz)
Feverfew (2 oz)
Five Flower (2 oz)
Foti (2 & 4 oz)
Ginkgo (2 & 4 oz)
Gotu Kola (2 oz)
Guarana (2 oz)
Hayfever Allergies/ Nettles & Milk Thistle (4 oz)
Heart Health Glo (2 oz)
Holiday Bitters (2 oz)
Horsechestnut Tonic (2 & 4 oz)
Kava (2 oz)
LoveMyPet: Constipation Relief (2 oz)
Mistletoe (2 oz)
Mother’s Milk (2 & 4 oz)
Motherwort (2 & 4 oz)
Moxa Tincture (2 oz)
Nettles (2 & 4 oz)
No Burp (2 oz)
Olive (2 oz)
Pau d’Arco (2 & 4 oz)
Reishi (4 oz)
Rhodiola rosea (2 & 4 oz)
Skin Comfort for Kids (1 oz)
St. John’s Wort Tincture (2 oz)
Travel Mist
Tummy Ease for Adults (2 & 4 oz)
Turkey Tail (2 & 4 oz)
Usnea (2 oz)
Yellow Dock (4 oz)
Yew (2 oz)

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