Can I Use High Blood Sugar Balance While Pregnant?

From time to time we get questions regarding a specific product from our customers. Recently, we received one from a woman who is trying to prevent from getting gestational diabetes:

“I am 30 weeks pregnant, and have not developed gestational diabetes, but I am on the cusp, and my fasting blood sugars in the morning are a little higher than I am comfortable with. (My blood sugars throughout the day are all fine and within normal range.) I would like to use your High Blood Sugar tincture, but it specifically says not for pregnant women. I was wondering, if that is a general precaution that you have to put on the label, or will this really harm my child/pregnancy?”

Here is our answer:

Our product, High Blood Sugar Balance, has been used in gestational diabetes with documented success. In one instance, it lowered the expectant mother’s blood sugar levels 10 – 15 points, bringing her into the low 90s and high 80s. Mother and baby were safer with lower sugar levels for the duration of the pregnancy. The delivery went well.

When adding something new into your health routine, be sure to discuss this with a health practitioner of your choice and use with their supervision.

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