From Around The Web

It’s time for another collection of articles from around the web that I’ve found interesting, so let’s dive right in:

The USDA has extended the public comment period on whether to approve a genetically modified corn that includes one of the main ingredients used in Agent Orange, a highly toxic herbicide that had been linked to a multitude of health issues.  You can sign a petition urging the USDA to reject it here.

If you have trouble sleeping, or have kids who have trouble sleeping through the night (like I do) maybe your (or their) body isn’t intended to.

A review on a documentary called Bitter Seeds.  It’s about the devastating effects genetically modified seeds have had on the farmers of India.  The movie may not be showing in your area, but the story (and the article) is one we all should know about.

Finally, a little bit of ridiculous: apparently according to one Indiana lawmaker, the Girl Scouts are in league with Planned Parenthood because it promotes a homosexual lifestyle.

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