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It’s time for another post with articles on subjects you may have missed the first time they were published.

In this day and age when making the choice to eat local is important to so many of us, here is an eye opening article on conventionally grown tomatoes and how they have perpetrated a culture of slavery in the agricultural industry in Florida.

West Virginia’s schools have been in the news for various reason for the past year, initially one town was the subject of Jaime Oliver’s Food Revolution for being the fattest town in America.  Now one school administrator is taking a page out of Finland’s book to see if he can’t improve the quality and performance of his school district.

While we’re talking about W. Virginia, let’s mention the challenge one restaurateur is having bringing locally sourced ingredients into small town Appaliachia.

Yet another reason to eat your vegetables.

This article, written by Oprah’s “Phenomenal Man” and also named “American Teacher of the Year” is stirring up controversy in my circle of friends.  Many of you know my husband is an educator and comes home with many of the same criticisms, but he is also quick to acknowledge that educating our children isn’t one-sided—teachers and parents both need to partner together for the success of future generations.  Many of my friends were upset by this article, finding it one-sided and wanted the teacher of the year to acknowledge the role that both parents AND teachers play.

If you’re interested in a little activism, check out Organic Consumers Association’s Raw Milk Campaign.

Apparently people are finally realizing that organic farming is more profitable in the long run than conventional farming.  And that doesn’t take into account all the additional benefits of organic farming.

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