Herbal Solutions For Five Common Problems

Many of us deal with some common issues in our daily life. It is easy to over medicate and treat the symptom instead of dealing with the underlying problem. If you’re looking to avoid prescription drugs and want an alternative treatment, the following herbs may be your solution.

Pain relief and sleep – California Poppy seed extract was used by Native Americans a painkiller and commonly used it for toothaches. It contains californidine and is considered to be a sub-opiate, however it is a more mild and non-addictive than its relation the red poppy. California Poppy does not contain opiates and is not addictive, like red poppy – the natural source of opium – is. California poppy is safe for children and is commonly used to assist with bedwetting, insomnia, anxiety, nervous tension, and pain relief. It may also be helpful for stomach cramps, muscle aches, and difficulty going to sleep (and not just staying asleep).

Acid reflux and heart burn – Our No Burp formula is the Chinese formula Shu Gan Wan in liquid form. It is especially effective for patients who are unable to swallow pills and want immediate relief from heartburn or indigestion. This formula is especially effective for heart burn, indigestion, or reflux. If a first dose doesn’t provide immediate relief, wait five to ten minutes and take a second dose. Repeat until symptoms lessen. This is especially good when used after a rich or fatty meal.

High blood pressure – Our Heart Health Hi formula is a blend of 22 herbs drawn from Chinese, European, and Native American traditions and has been shown to help symptoms of high blood pressure. It is especially effective when used along with making lifestyle changes including increasing exercise and a healthy diet.

This formula is appropriate for cardiovascular symptoms including high blood pressure, poor circulation, high cholesterol and sluggish liver function. It works best when used in a lifestyle-change program that includes exercise as well as appropriate attitude and diet changes.

Hyperglycemia – High blood sugar is an issue that can lead to serious and long term complications when not dealt with, including damage to the blood vessels, increased risk of heart disease and stroke, kidney disease, and nerve problems, not to mention diabetes. Our High Blood Sugar Balance formula is especially effective in cases of early diabetes or where a person may be pre-diabetic when used along with increasing exercise and improving one’s diet. High Blood Sugar Balance helps normalize blood sugar metabolism. Be sure to closely monitor your blood sugar levels when first beginning to use this formula and gradually increase the dosage until your levels improve.

Stress & tension in daily life – Stress and tension seem to be pervasive in our daily lives and many people are on a constant quest to find a way to lessen their stress, while still rushing to get more done in our lives. Despite the technology that is supposed to make things easier, for many of us it only makes it more difficult to unplug at the end of our day. In Chinese medical theory, the first place people hold tension is in the stomach. In fact, children frequently get stomachaches when stressed. When we get older, tension may settle in other parts of the body and manifest as headaches, nervous tics, nervous laughter or muscles spasms, but the tension still initially still goes through the stomach. Our Chill Out formula is designed to relieve the symptoms of stress as well as going back to the original source of the tension—the digestive tract and is effective for people of all ages including children, teens and adults.

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