Holiday Special

If you are anything like us at BHP, the holidays seem to be filled up running to one special event after another. Invariably, the sweets are too tempting and many times they wreck havoc with how we feel. Our reactions are different for each of us, which is why we decided to put together a holiday special of our digestive products. Three of our best at an amazing price! They will take care of any of your tummy problems, from burping, to gas, to reflux. Our Holiday Kit includes:

Holiday Bitters: stimulates digestion. It should be used prior to a meal, and in place of an aperitif to help the body extract nutrients from food.

No Burp: relieves burping and reflux. Take 1-2 eyedroppers after a meal and repeat dose every 10 minutes if necessary until symptoms ease.

Tummy Ease: helps bloating and gas symptoms, especially after an especially rich meal.

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