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Here are a few articles that have caught my eye recently:

What’s Tylenol Doing to Our Minds

I try to be judicious about my use of over the counter medicines, including ones like Tylenol and Advil. Because of it’s pervasive availability and how helpful it can be, without any obvious side effects it has always seemed like it has all upside, and no downside to taking it. This is not so, according to this article.

600 Reasons Turmeric May Be the World’s Most Important Herb

We talk a lot about herbs that can improve health, and turmeric is one special spice, having been demonstrated to have hundreds of positive health benefits for those who include it in their diet.

New Year, Younger You: 20 Anti-aging Spices

If you’re thinking of adding spice to your cooking, here are the health benefits of a bunch of other spices that you already have in your pantry.

Why Fennel Should be Your New Year’s Herb

Fennel was one of my mom’s favorite herbs. We had bushes of it all over the garden. Not only is it great for butterflies, but she loved the anise flavor and would add all parts of the plant to her cooking. It has a wealth of health and digestive benefits and is worth adding to your diet, even in small amounts. I know licorice flavor is usually one that people either love or hate (I’m with my mom in the love it camp) but fennel is worth the flavor.

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