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Having just had our second child, I seem to have babies on the brain.  We had our second successful home birth and could not be more happy with our experience, in both instances.  This time around, labor took me by surprise and from start to finish it was all over in under 6.5 hours, a far cry from the 44 hour labor I had with Rowan.  As such, here are a few articles that have resonated with me the past few days.  Many of these articles come as no surprise, but it’s nice to see people talking about these issues.

A study in Britain states that half of the British female population could safely give birth at home.

Have you ever wondered what the ideal length for maternity leave is, when considering the health of the mom and the baby?

Breastfeeding mom takes on Facebook.

Screening your 11 year old for high cholesterol?

This is a long article, but well worth reading on the state of heath and diet in the United States. It covers the controversy between fat and carbohydrates and how our increasing carb intake directly correlates to many health issues including diabetes, obesity, and others.

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