Keeping Your Breasts Healthy

Because it is breast cancer awareness month, instead of talking about how to treat cancer once you’ve been diagnosed, we thought we’d talk about ways to keep your breasts healthy. Frequent readers of this blog will no doubt notice that our recommendations by and large remain the same regarding how you can keep yourself healthy.

Before any men think, “breast cancer, that won’t affect me.” You’d be surprised. It might be rare (only 1% of cases are male) but it does happen. I personally have one friend whose husband was diagnosed with breast cancer. It is more common in older men, but weight and lifestyle are most certainly factors.

Staying healthy

Use the highest quality fats and oils possible. Breasts are predominantly fatty tissue, so the breast is logically a place where fats are stored. Organic butter, 100% extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, etc. are good examples of high quality fats. Stay away from soybean and vegetable oil.

Stay away from genetically modified foods. It’s easier said than done these days because many processed foods use GMO ingredients and we just don’t know because there are no labeling requirements. Up to 70% of packaged foods contain genetically modified ingredients. That’s a lot of who knows what we’re putting in our bodies and the scientific research that is only beginning to be done suggests that those ingredients can negatively affect health issues such as obesity, cancer, it shows up in pregnant women, new born babies, and breast milk. If you have a smart phone, The Center for Food Safety has an app that can help guide for food choices if you have questions about what does and does not contain GM ingredients.

It is also extremely beneficial to eat high quality, organic vegetables as well as free range and grass fed meats and poultry.

Lower stress

We all know that stress affects our bodies and our health negatively so it behooves all of us to find a way to lower the stress in our lives. Even if it is a matter of taking five minutes a day that are just for you, whether it is some deep breathing exercises, or something pleasant that you enjoy. Unplug. Designate a time when you turn off work, your email, smart phone, whatever it is that takes you away from being present in the rest of your life. Ask for help. Know that you cannot be everything for everyone all the time. Prioritize. Pick what is most important and do that well and know that everything else can wait. Make sure you are on that list.

Moderate exercise

Keeping yourself healthy with moderate exercise as well as diet is important. Even if your exercise is as simple as playing with your kids, you’ll gain health benefits from that activity plus play time has many additional benefits by cultivating imagination, it brings joy, helps create a tighter bond with your family.

Clean out the breast tissue

Yew and Asafoetida are two herbs that are excellent to assist in flushing the breast tissue of any toxins. As a breastfeeding mother I use both regularly because I’m prone to plugged ducts and milk blisters. If I don’t take the tinctures once a week, I’ll take them at the first sign of tenderness and any issue that I may have clears up within a day. They are not just exclusively for breast feeding, however. Yew is effective for a variety of breast health issues from fibrocystic breasts, benign breast lumps, as well as in conjunction with a traditional breast cancer treatment. Asafoetida, a common spice in Indian cooking, is not only an effective digestive aid but has excellent antimicrobial properties. I use them preventatively, so any issues I might have do not occur.

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