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We’ve been having discussions about our line of pet products recently and that got me to thinking about how my mom developed her herbal treatments for our pets. We always had a menagerie around, anywhere from your basic cat and/or dog, to rabbits, birds of all sizes, rats, a guinea pig or two, snakes, frogs, and fish. I think this was my mom’s way of giving us the farm experience she had as a child. One of our earliest pets was a rat named Rosie. Rosie, as rats commonly do, developed a tumor that eventually grew to the size of a golf ball, or larger. In the eyes of a five year old, it was massive. Rather than let Rosie go where all good rats go, my mom thought she would try her hand at animal surgery. She enlisted the help of her good friend Kate Bowland and with the use of some Rescue Remedy and a bunch of good old fashioned gumption, the two of them removed Rosie’s tumor. Rosie the Rat lived to the venerable age of three, a full year past the lifespan of the usual pet rat. You should hear Kate tell the story, she is much better at expressing the humor and hilarity of the situation.

Anyway, in my head, that is when the seed for LoveMyPet was planted. My mom firmly believed that our pets provided us with as many health benefits as we provided them. The emotional benefits of having a pet as part of your family have been well documented and it behooves us to care for ours as well as we are able. The following is something she wrote about the LoveMyPet products and why it is so important to care for the animals in our lives.

For your pet, before the vet

Everybody loves their pets. Pets play many different roles in family and structures. They are used therapeutically for the elderly, and to draw out children with special needs. In these times when families may live long distances from each other, pets may fill a void in our emotional lives. Also, as we are becoming an increasingly urban society removed from our food supply, pets are often our only connection with the animal world. I believe it is important to use high quality nutrition, adequate exercise, and emphasize the importance of preventative care in order to enhance the quality of our own pets’ lives. In the process, we enrich the quality of our own lives as well.

As pets become relatively more important to us, our concern for their comfort and health is also increasing. Benedictine Healing Products makes wonderful herbal products called LoveMyPet that you can use easily to assist your pet with some symptoms of discomfort and perhaps prevent them from becoming major calamities.

The feedback on these products exceeds all our expectations. It is a great relief to a pet owner to be able to make his pet more comfortable in such a caring and non-toxic manner. If you try a product and the symptoms are not relieved after a week or two, please take your pet to your veterinarian.

Does your pet have any of these needs?

Stress Relief provides a calming effect, especially for the pet that is not a good traveler, or upsets easily in unfamiliar or stressful conditions such as thunder, new guests, or fireworks. Caretakers can give it to pets when owners are on vacation. Groomers use it to relax pets before grooming activities.

Tummy Ease is used for relief of gas and abdominal discomfort, food allergies, occasional regurgitation, or even mild constipation. Often it takes time to figure out the best kind of food for your pet when digestive irregularities occur.

Diarrhea Relief is self-evident. One of my patients used it on several of her seven cats when she drove with them while moving across country. Use it for occasional diarrhea. Feedback from consumers indicates that it works fast and well. Do not use it too often as it might stimulate the opposite response in your pet. Do not exceed one to three doses in a day.

Skin Comfort helps for relief of skin irritations, itching, scratching, excess licking, hot spots, eczema, and allergic skin reactions. Animals that are under-exercised may have skin problems. There are some animal breeds that characteristically have skin problems.

Kidney Bladder Relief is useful for pets with urinary inability, frequency, or mild inflammation or infection.

Stinky Ear Oil is a safe topical application for pets plagued by fungal ear infections or viral skin infections that give rise to unpleasant odor or constant scratching.

Joint Relief and Immune Booster are two formulas that address some needs of the aging pet. The Joint Relief is for joint pain, stiffness and swelling associated with arthritis. Its impact is enhanced when given in tandem with fish oils (my mom preferred the Nordic Naturals brand).

Mineral Mix is a wonderful supplement that should precede the use of vitamins. It is 100% plant sourced and will not form stones. Give it in food daily.

Constipation Relief is self-evident for occasional constipation. If constipation is habitual, check your pet’s food source and see your vet.

Immune Boost is an anti-aging support of the immune system that enhances energy, helps ward off infection, and is an amazing enhancement for many older pets.

Sniffles is for when your pet is sniffling or sneezing.

LoveMyPet pet products are a blend of herbs and homeopathic remedies extracted in organic alcohol, water and glycerin and are easy to administer in food and water or on treats. Often our pet will lick the fluid off your hand. Putting a couple of drops on a cat’s paw will cause a tidy cat to lick it off.

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