News Round Up From Around The Web

The following are a collection of articles from around the Internet that we found timely or interesting.  What are you reading today?

Are your children drinking enough water?

We worry all the time about what kind of food our kids are eating while at school, but most of us probably don’t think about how much water they are getting to drink.  Children should get at least 6 – 8 glasses of water a day and teenagers need more.  If your kids aren’t getting enough water, it may be affecting their learning as well as mental and physical performance.

Schools banning brown bag lunches

Proponents argue that our nation’s child obesity epidemic warrants such an extreme action in order to ensure children in school aren’t drinking soda or eating candy at school, and that eliminating vending machines isn’t good enough.  The opposing argument brings up the extremely valid point that school lunches frequently aren’t tasty or particularly healthy and many children forego eating them completely if they don’t like what is offered.  For growing children and developing brains this is an unwise idea.

Half of U.S. states have enacted smoking bans since 2000

What are the other half waiting for?

Sitting all day: worse for you than you might think

Too much sitting throughout the day isn’t good for us, even if we have a regular exercise regimen.  The solution?  Take frequent mini-breaks throughout the day to stretch and work your muscles.

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