News Roundup

It’s been a while since we linked to some of the news articles that have caught our attention.  Here are a few that we’ve read that you may have missed.

Fracking is an issue that has been getting a lot of press in my neck of the woods.  There are very few studies that have been done on the affects that fracking has on our environment, our food, our health and yet it has been growing at an exponential rate.  Fracking has been linked to a series of earthquakes in Akron, OH  Here is an article on how it can help or hurt farmers.  In Ohio, where I live, state bill 315 is currently in front of the Ohio House Public Utilities Committee to regulate this previously thinly regulated practice.  Despite the fact that it is considered some of the strongest legislation anyone has proposed there are still many issues with it.  Here is another perspective on the issue.

This issue is close to my heart, being a SAHM with a part time business.  Why stay at home moms are more depressed than working moms. I’ll be the first to shout from the rooftops about how much I love my kids, but as every mom knows, much of it isn’t fun or glamorous, it’s back breaking work, and at times very isolating.  In my circle of friends I have one SAHM and one SAHD and our biggest challenge is doing what needs to be done while at the same time keeping things interesting for us as well as our kids.  It’s a shame that the United States is one if the wealthiest countries in the world and we only pay lip service to maternity leave and the role SAHMs play in our society.

Here’s another look at why the United States has failed to stop its obesity crisis.

If you’re curious where your state ranks in the Heifers Locavore Food Index, check out this link.

Finally, I keep talking about the dangers of genetically modified foods and seeds in our environment and here is a direct consequence of GE corn being grown by farmers and the drastic decline in honeybee populations in the Midwest.

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