Our Pets Are People Too!

Even though our pets are a cherished part of our families, we often don’t consider the quality of the food we feed them.  Even high quality pet food products still must go through a rendering, heating, and drying process and pet food labeling can be just as confusing, if not more so than labels on people food.  Additionally, many dry or canned pet foods can lead to food sensitivities, skin conditions, or even allergies in our pets.

Who wouldn’t love this face?

If you do choose to feed your pets’ commercial pet food, find one with as few fillers as possible.  Did you know that many animals can develop wheat, soy, or even corn sensitivities?  Dogs may be omnivores, but cats are not and they need a high protein diet.  Improving your pet’s diet can help with aging; skin issues such as scaly, itchy, or red skin; digestion; and energy levels.  Sound familiar?  Improving our diet does the exact same thing.

If you have the wherewithal and time, the BARF diet is a good option.  This mimics as much as possible your pet’s natural diet and what they would eat in the wild.  That doesn’t appeal to you?  Consider supplementing your pet’s dry food with lean cooked protein and vegetables.  Our dog will eat pretty much everything and as a result, I practically don’t need a composter because my dog eats it for me.  He loves all sorts of vegetables and my daughter loves feeding them to him.

Make sure you avoid foods that are toxic to your pet, the last thing any of us want to do is feed them something that will make them sick!

Feeding your pets the right food still may not cure all their ills and if that is the case, we can help!  Did you know that Benedictine Healing Products offers a line of pet products?  They are based on our human formulas and are just as effective.  We frequently give our neurotic, high strung, bundle of energy dog LoveMyPet Stress Relief and LoveMyPet Tummy Ease and have seen great success with both.

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