Adult Immune Support Kit

Adult Immune Support Kit

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A Best-Selling Bundle To Support Your Immunity

These two formulas are good to keep on hand to help support the immune system especially when one needs a little extra help staying healthy. If you know you will be going into a situation where you will be exposed to a new group of people, such as an airplane, going back to school, or in a crowded event, start taking Immune Plus a week prior to prepare.

Elderberry Plus - 2 oz. - High in antioxidants, bioflavonoids, and iron, this formula contains all-natural and organic ingredients. Elderberry Plus includes added benefits to circulation and vitality, such as a harmonious blend of Elder Flower, Cardamom, Allspice and Coriander. This offers day-to-day support for optimal immune function and well-being. It’s gentle enough to take long-term, making it the perfect addition to your daily nutritional support.* It’s a best-selling formula, suitable for the whole family!

Immune Plus - 2 oz. - Can be used as a daily supplement. This is the first line of immune defense that promotes a healthy system response quickly! It is an ideal formula for all people, including teachers, retail salespeople, and health care practitioners. It is an effective stand-alone remedy with an exemplary team of immune supporting herbs. As a comprehensive and harmonious adaptogenic formula, this is a must-have when feeling run down to maintain energy levels. * 

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