Addressing Your Lingering Cough

In most areas of the country it is still considered flu season, especially considering the amount of snow and winter weather events that keep occurring.  We have some detailed suggestions on how to handle your cold and flu symptoms here, but this year there seems to be a lingering cough that is a prevalent symptom.  As such, here are some suggestions for dealing with this:

  • Use Elderberry Plus with Eleuthero for a lingering, heavy cough with significant post-nasal drip.  We like to add a couple eyedroppers full to herbal tea.
  • Deep Lung 3 in 1 with Anti-X for an added kicker are especially effective for sinus pressure, congestion, and the associated headache.
  • For a regular cough that doesn’t produce much congestion, Elderberry Plus is effective.

Don’t forget to stay warm, both inside and out.  Keep your neck and chest covered, and drink warm fluids including soups, teas, and other hot drinks.  If you have access to a hot tub, this can be helpful too.  If not, take a hot bath or shower, just be sure to completely dry your hair once out.  You might also want to try a dab of eucalyptus oil under your nose, or rubbed on your chest.  Additionally, many people find using a neti pot helpful in clearing mucus.

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