Spring Cleaning

When the weather starts warming up, it isn’t uncommon to go a little mad and experience a rush of Spring fever, to want to clean everything in sight. For some, that is limited to beating out the rugs and airing the linens. For others it means Spring cleaning themselves, or doing a body detox. This can be especially effective to move out the winter stagnation, and cleanse the blood.

The term cleansing the blood can be a little misleading. When we use this phrase what we are doing is assisting the bodily functions and organs that cleanse our blood, such as the liver, kidneys, and large intestine to help them work more effectively.

Too many toxins or low quality substances in our systems will make us feel poorly and can lead to ill health, premature aging, disease, and pain. This can range from excessive amounts of junk food or toxic cleaning supplies to pesticide exposure or high levels of air pollution. Usually, our body is an efficient machine when eliminating toxins, but from time to time it is helpful to assist by using herbs.

To accomplish this, Martha suggests adding Bloodroot Plus to your spring routine by taking one to two eyedroppers both in the morning and night. Depending on how much you use at once, a two ounce bottle will be sufficient and will last from two to four weeks.

For those who are low in iron, while they still are able to take Bloodroot Plus to aid in cleansing their blood, they should be building their blood by eating iron rich foods such as blue, black, and red fruits and vegetables; leafy greens such as kale, dandelion greens, or rhubarb; seaweed such as dulse; red meat and liver pate. Also, be sure to consult your health practitioner before beginning a blood detox.

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