Getting Healthy: Resolutions For The New Year

The New Year carries symbolic meaning of new beginnings and fresh starts for many of us. While different cultures celebrate a new year at different times, in each one it is a time for celebration and customs to ensure good luck in the coming year. Perhaps because this date represents new beginnings is why many people choose to make a resolution or two.

One of the most popular resolutions that people make generally comes in some form of get fit/lose weight/get healthy. As we know already, this isn’t something that happens overnight with a snap of your fingers, this is a lifestyle choice. It is a commitment to making healthy choices every day. In fact, it is one that I am recommitting to for 2011.

We at BHP believe that making small but healthy decisions over time is the most effective way to maintain this resolution successfully. Instead of going cold turkey with everything on January 1st and finding it too difficult to maintain over time, take baby steps. If you want to start exercising more, instead of going to the gym five times a week for two hours at a time, make time for a 20 minute walk, or sign up for a yoga class. If you want to improve your diet, make smart, small choices. Give up soda. Eat dessert only on the weekend. Buy organic. Increase the variety and intake of the vegetables you eat. Frequent farmer’s markets for the freshest, in season local food sources.

By making small progressive changes over time you will be more likely to maintain your new year’s resolution than by making one big grand gesture and finding it too difficult to keep up.

Find someone to keep you accountable. By making these changes along with someone else, you will create a support system where you can discuss your success, as well as any slip ups. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. No one is perfect but your success will depend how well you can pick yourself up and carry on.

While we believe getting healthy starts with a series of lifestyle changes, we offer Diet Aid, product that helps address a common concern of many people: reaching an ideal body weight. It does not rely on stimulants, caffeine, dehydrating diuretics, or strong purgative herbs common in many commercial products, nor does this formula contain ephedra.

Instead, it achieves its success using safe herbs that effectively allow the consumer to transform fat into muscle, to be in charge of the appetite, and to feel energetic.

It is particularly effective for people with sluggish thyroid symptoms, problems in dealing with carbohydrate metabolism, and those who experience “binging” behavior. (It is contra-indicated for people with hyperthyroid conditions.)

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