Staying Healthy While Traveling

When traveling, whether it is for business or pleasure, it is just as important to stay healthy as when one is at home. Being sick when you are away from your own bed might be one of the most unpleasant feelings imaginable. I am getting ready to go on an Italian exchange program for a month and thought I’d cover my keeping healthy while traveling tips.

First up, consider your destination and the duration of your trip. What kind of conveniences are available? Will you have easy access to health care and if so what kind? Because I am going to Italy and not on safari, my list of imperative items is short: Deep Lung 3 in 1, Acidophilus, Breathe Easier, and travel mist, enzymes (for digestion), and Chinese Cold & Flu. Don’t forget any of your prescriptions, but everything else I might need is just a pharmacy stop away.

Some other tinctures that might be useful to consider would be Up! for an extra energy boost, Tummy Ease and No Burp for stomach issues, and California Poppy Tincture to aid sound sleep.

Secondly, the airplane ride. You are breathing recycled air with 150 of your closest friends, so stay hydrated. Drinking enough water will help keep you regular, and will help your body eliminate waste. When possible, get up and move around the plane once an hour or so. This will increase your circulation, especially in your arms and legs and will help with any unnecessary swelling. Also if you can sleep, do so. I consider sleeping on an airplane a mild form of torture, because whatever position you try to assume you are never quite comfortable. Sleep, however, will help you be your best once you arrive at your destination.

Finally, when on vacation or business, I know how difficult it is to stay in your usual routine, but it is important to at least attempt it. Include some basic exercise, whether it is some stretching in your hotel room or walking throughout your day, eat your veggies, and try not to drink too much. If you’re on vacation, I know that may not sound like fun but consider limiting your indulgences to dinner. Instead of eating dessert, have an extra glass of champagne or have a basic hot breakfast knowing you’re planning a fancy dinner that evening. You don’t have to eliminate all of the “fun”, just indulge in moderation.

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